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About AHIA Document Sharing:

      AHIA is devoted to creating, discovering, and sharing knowledge and information. We now have two ways to share documents within the AHIA community:


The AHIA Audit Library is the peer-reviewed resource archive. This collaborative reference database allows access to a vast and varied collection of tools, templates and documents submitted by members and industry leaders. The quality of this content is maintained by the AHIA Professional Practices Committee, but depends on continual up-to-date contributions of AHIA members, sharing tools, materials, regulation and compliance updates and lessons learned. Prizes are awarded annually to member contributors.


Our Open Share File feature is a great vehicle with which to share documents, presentations and templates with your peers quickly and independently. With the expanded capabilities of a list serv, all attachments posted to discussions are archived in a dedicated Open Share File Library. You can also add documents to share anytime you want.This allows you to solicit the advice and opinions, share updates and revisions and participate in ongoing conversation. All files uploaded to the Open Share File Library are not reviewed for quality.

About AHIA Subject Matter Leadership

    The Subject Matter Leadership Program is part of the AHIA Professional Practice Committee efforts to promote member interaction and knowledge sharing. These efforts include an annual member skill inventory, development of Subject Leader positions, appointment of Subject Leaders and other collaborative efforts to connect AHIA Members with the resources and expertise they need. The Subject Matter Leadership Program is a vehicle to identify member experts with a depth of knowledge and experience in a subject area of importance to auditors in the healthcare industry.  

    Interested in sharing your knowledge in your key area of expertise?

    Individuals will be called upon to, for example, promote conversation about their subject (in the List Serve and on LinkedIn), promote contribution of quality materials to the Audit Library, contribute or solicit submission of New Perspectives articles, E-News blasts, and educational programs.  Click here to access the Subject Matter Leadership Information form. You will be contacted for an interview. If you know someone, or are someone, with expertise in one or more of the above categories, please let us know! Submit your recommendation(s) to Michelle Cunningham at mcunningham@resourcenter.com for consideration.

    • Connect with our AHIA Subject Matter Leaders

      Information Technology Security: I’m Jennifer McGill, your AHIA Subject Matter Leader on Healthcare Information Technology Auditing.  I have worked as an IT auditor in the manufacturing and retail industries, but have enjoyed the most interesting and rewarding audit career in the healthcare industry. Over the past 9 years I have helped to establish an IT audit function at my organization, recruited and built a team, supported HIPAA Security compliance efforts, and partnered with IT on many projects and audits. My team and I work on system implementations, major IT strategic projects, information security audits, compliance reviews for Meaningful Use, PCI DSS, and HIPAA Security, as well as technical audits of a number of other IT functions, processes, and systems. Feel free to ask questions about these or other technology audit-related topics. If I don’t know the answer, I’m sure we can find a colleague who can help. CONNECT WITH JENNIFER HERE.  

      Data Analytics: I am Gail Hormats, your AHIA subject matter expert on Continuous Auditing and Monitoring.  I am currently the Sr. Compliance Auditor at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, MA where I develop CAM routines focused on compliance, as well as perform more traditional Compliance centered audits. As Manager of Audit Services, and subsequently as Manager, Audit and Compliance, for Baystate Health, I developed and managed the organization’s Continuous Auditing and Monitoring Program, which averaged direct recoveries or revenue protection of approximately $7.5 million annually.  Prior to joining Baystate Health, I was Associate Director of IT Audit for the University of Massachusetts, where I introduced and developed CAATs using ACL.  She has developed continuous audit routines ranging from systems access control oversight, change control oversight, and federal sanctions testing to revenue recovery, patient status compliance, payroll reconciliations, Conflict of Interest Disclosures, and many others. I have used ACL since Version 3, back in the 1990s.  Currently I am learning Microsoft’s Power BI to provide a new set of analytic tools. I am an ACL Data Analyst, Certified Internal Auditor, Certified Information Systems Auditor, and Certified in Risk Management Assurance.  I hold a Master’s in Business from Babson College and a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from The Ohio State University.   If you have questions concerning data analytics – approach, methodologies, tools, or scripting – CONNECT WITH GAIL HERE.                                       

      Enterprise Risk Management (“ERM”): Hello!  I am Anna Cuson, CPA, CFE and I am your AHIA Subject Matter Expert on Enterprise Risk Management (“ERM”).  I have an undergraduate degree in Business Administration with a focus in Accounting.  I am also currently in law school pursuing my JD.  I have been involved in ERM since 1998 and work in both clinical and non-clinical area to identify and mitigate risk.  My areas of expertise include fraud prevention, detection and investigation; drug diversion investigation and monitoring; internal controls and physician transactions/ contract review.  I hope to provide you an additional audit resource and partner as you navigate the complex world of healthcare auditing.  If you have questions pertaining to one of these areas, or just want someone to discuss an idea or audit issue with, CONNECT WITH ANNA HERE.

Upcoming AHIA Events!

    AHIA offers high quality, year round educational opportunities – over 120 CPE credits are available each year to members at an incredible discounted rate. Click here to access the AHIA Calendar of Events.

AHIA Career Center

The AHIA Career Center helps connect our members with new employment opportunities and assists those members seeking qualified employees to fill open positions. Let the AHIA Career Center be your guide you as you begin your new job or employee search. 

JOB SEEKERS: You may search open positions and post your resume at no charge. Set-up your personal "Job Alerts" notification to receive an email when new jobs are posted that match your search preferences. Create one now and never miss a new opportunity!

 EMPLOYERS: Visit the AHIA Career Center to view all the recruitment options and bundles we have available. Job postings and resume subscription purchases are available for very reasonable rates. 30-day job postings begin at $96.

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The AHIA Connected Community is more than just a website. It’s a professional networking and business information tool designed to connect members of AHIA on a whole new level. AHIA Connected Community provides instant access to industry and association news, allows members to quickly and easily connect with other AHIA members, provides a forum for accomplishing committee and governance work, and allows users to engage in online discussions and document sharing. In short, the AHIA Connected Community provides AHIA an unprecedented opportunity to reach new heights and ultimately be of greater service to its members.  Click here to access the getting started guide and FAQs.


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