Membership and Awards Committee Members

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To promote the interest of prospective members in the Association of Healthcare Internal Auditors and to maintain the interest of existing members.


The Membership and Awards Committee (MAC) is responsible for:

  • Developing and implementing a plan for membership growth and retention
  • Developing, implementing and monitoring marketing programs to promote membership to prospective members
  • Identifying the need for additional and improved member services and benefits
  • Receiving and addressing input from Association members
  • Recommending to the Board complimentary, honorary, and life memberships
  • Recommending to the Board the nominees for the Founders, the Institutional, and the AHIA Award, as well as the establishment of other awards and recognition as the need arises
  • Establishing and overseeing subcommittees and taskforces needed to meet the Committee’s objectives
  • Recommending the appointment and termination of subcommittee and taskforce members


The MAC will conduct business of the committee through an ongoing schedule of conference calls and electronic communications.  The Committee and any subcommittee or task force will utilize a consensus decision making process when possible. When consensus decisions are not possible, decisions will be made by a simple majority of a roll call vote.

Volunteers Needed:

12 (12 open slots)


Michelle Cunningham