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To create and maintain the infrastructure of the AHIA Audit Library, AHIA Connected Community Site and Subject Leader Program as necessary to facilitate the sharing of AHIA Member experience and knowledge to the benefit of all. 


The Professional Practices Committee is responsible for the following key elements:

 Identification and Communication of Emerging Issues

  • Identify and establish hot topic priorities within the audit and healthcare industry to promote needed discussion, give priority to audit library resources and AHIA strategies, and provide support to AHIA’s education and publication focus. The committee will work through member survey, the Subject Leader program and other necessary means to create mechanisms that capture and communicate relevant emerging issues.

AHIA Audit Library Development & Maintenance

  • Develop and maintain infrastructure to support a robust and AHIA Member-driven audit library capable of meeting member needs. (The Infrastructure will include standard industry classifications, user friendly submittal procedures, and technology-enabled maintenance/review conducted by those with subject matter experience.) The maturity of infrastructure elements will drive the annual priorities of the Committee.   

Subject Leader Program Development & Monitoring

  • Promote member interaction and knowledge sharing through capture of the member experience through skill survey and development of a formalized AHIA Subject Leader Program. Oversee the designatation of Subject Leader positions, reviewed annually, based on member need and emerging issues. Develop and routinely update job descriptions, duties and an operating manual for the program. Solicit, Interview, recommend for appointment and coodinate Subject Leaders. Finally, ensure that Subject Leaders are utilized effectively by both members and other AHIA committees, and recognized publically for their contributions.  

Promoting Collaborative Conversation

  • Regularly review social media member conversation on the list-serv and LinkedIn postings to stay atune to and help align Subject Leaders with member needs – as well as increasing capture of knowledge resources. The AHIA Connected Community Site is the main vehicle supporting this initiative.


The Professional Practices Committee will conduct the business of the committee through an ongoing schedule of conference calls and electronic communications. A committee website   or other collaborative mechanism will be the location for Committee materials including minutes and documents under development. The Committee and any subcommittees will utilize a consensus decision-making process when possible. When consensus decisions are not possible, decisions will be made by a simple majority of a roll-call vote.

Volunteers Needed:

12 (12 open slots)


Michelle Cunningham