Education Committee Members

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To ensure the Association of Healthcare Internal Auditors’ conferences, seminars and other educational events support its mission and are responsive to the needs of the Association membership and the profession at large.


The Education Committee is responsible for:

  • Soliciting input from AHIA members regarding the education needs of profession.
  • Recommending new educational offerings for Board approval.
  • Appointment and termination of subcommittee chairs for Board approval.
  • Establishing and overseeing subcommittees for Board approved educational offerings.
  • Providing guidance to and overseeing activities of Education Committee Subcommittees.
  • Providing input to the Annual Conference Subcommittee.


The Education Committee will conduct business of the committee through an ongoing schedule of quarterly conference calls and electronic communications. The Committee and its subcommittees will utilize a consensus decision making process when possible. When consensus decisions are not possible, decisions will be made by a simple majority of a roll call vote.

Volunteers Needed:

12 (12 open slots)


Michelle Cunningham